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We are York County's premier Drain Cleaning Service and the original Roto-Rooter. Our Company has been cleaning drains in York since 1972.


We offer a full range of drain cleaning services. We clean lines from 1 inch to over 3 feet wide. We have a wide range of equipment for dealing with almost any clog. 

High pressure Jetting

We clean sewers, sinks, tubs, showers, floor drains, toilets, urinals, condensation drains, pump and sump pump lines and pits, vents, traps, kitchen and dishwasher drains, laundry lines and tubs, pit drains, trench drains, home vacuum lines, spring and pond supply and overflow lines, pretty much any drain in your home or on your property we can clean!

We also service many industrial and commercial business and properties which include storm drains; materials transport lines, process waste lines, vacuum and pressure lines, pit and trench drains, water fountain drains, car wash bay drains, slop sinks and grease traps, dish washer lines, coolant lines, paint lines, and many others. 

Line Machine

Every truck carries at least 4 different size machines at all times, we also have 4 high pressure water jets for cleaning and flushing pipes and  several cameras and locators for finding septic tanks, pump pits, sewer cleanouts, damaged pipes, root intrusions etc. 

So if you were thinking that your line may be too difficult or to long- give us a call to discuss- we have serviced many types of pipes and drains with all kinds of stuff flowing through them, and we are always up to the challenge of something new.

Items We Have Pulled Out of Sewers

Roots, toys, paper towels, baby wipes, string, dental floss, tooth brushes, hair brushes, bobby pins, perfume bottles, razors, curtains, telephones, flowers and flower pot dirt, large gold fish, dead animals, live animals, birds, snakes, stones, sticks, scissors, shoes, T-shirts...and more. Glasses, rings, jewelry, teeth, bags, candles, needles, softballs, potatoes, rice, bones, crab legs, tools, washrags, sponges, bottle caps, paint, paper, plaster, wood, glue, cement, bricks, rental snakes,  16' of 2x2 wood, marbles, matchboxes, money and mud!

We are only a phone call away

(717) 751-4447
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